Published March 17, 2023

The annual Rutgers Giving Day program has grown from one day to a full week of Giving Days.

On Rutgers Giving Day last year, more than 8,000 donors gave to a wide range of programs across Rutgers. This year, the Rutgers Foundation hopes to build on that momentum by offering a full week of Giving Days opportunities from Monday, March 20, through Friday, March 24, to give to and to get involved with Rutgers.

“This year’s event is expanding to five Rutgers Giving Days to highlight causes across the university over the course of the week,” says Rutgers University Foundation President Kimberly A. Hopely. “As a top 20 public university, our reach is extensive and merits a full week for stakeholders to explore where and how they support areas meaningful to them.”

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Hopely says the focus of Giving Days is to engage our supporters who are dedicated to the core values of Rutgers: a commitment to driving inclusive access to academic excellence; a belief in a culture of respect for others and instilling in our students a commitment to community through service and experiences; and a commitment to the common good through the excellence of our health systems, scholarly research, and outreach programs. “We are excited about extending this opportunity for our scarlet community to give to Rutgers—to give through Rutgers—to make a difference,” she says. “It is astounding when you think about what will be accomplished, the lives that will be touched, and discoveries that will be made as a result of this effort.”

A new feature this year of the expanded Giving Days is an emphasis on opportunities for alumni and friends to get involved in ways beyond making a financial donation. “You can give your time, expertise, or resources to make a difference at Rutgers in your own way,” Hopely says.

To join in Rutgers Giving Days, participants can:

Rutgers Giving Days events will be virtual and not in person, with many opportunities to connect with Rutgers. Although donors can support the cause of their choice any day throughout the week of Giving Days, each day’s message will have a focus:

  • Monday, March 20: Universitywide initiatives of academic excellence, beloved community, and the common good
  • Tuesday, March 21: Academic units in New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden
  • Wednesday, March 22: Scarlet Knights NCAA Division I Athletics
  • Thursday, March 23: Rutgers Health
  • Friday, March 24: A Last Opportunity to Join in Giving Days

For more information, or to make a gift or get involved, please visit

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