Published March 29, 2022

Take a moment and consider the role doctors have played in your life. If you’re a grateful patient or a friend or family member of someone who is happier and healthier because of a doctor, Rutgers Health invites you to make a gift in honor of that physician. On March 30, please join the Rutgers community in celebrating National Doctors’ Day.

As providers of compassionate patient care, Rutgers doctors continue to work in an environment of heightened risk. Their health and wellbeing, as well as the safety of their colleagues and families, is vital as they drive medical breakthroughs and deliver life-saving treatments in our communities.

The hope that COVID-19 will fall from a pandemic level to a more manageable framework of disease control remains strong. However, the spread of the coronavirus continues to affect our state, nation, and world. It is more important than ever to empower trained medical professionals and celebrate their ongoing efforts, vigilance, and sacrifices.

Likewise, the physicians and care teams at Rutgers Health are steadfast in their commitment to support patients. With your investment in Rutgers Health, you help offer high-quality health care and transformational advancements that improve lives and better our world. As one of the leading academic health and research centers in the country, Rutgers is truly shaping the future of human health, innovation, and discovery.

Support Doctor's Day

On March 30, National Doctors’ Day, make a gift to support Rutgers doctors who are changing and saving lives every day.