Published June 2, 2020

We continue to wish you and your family well and hope that you have had a chance to explore the ways that Rutgers has responded to and led during the COVID-19 crisis. In the spirit of leadership and with a commitment to thoughtful philanthropy, we want to inform you that on July 1, the payout rates for charitable gift annuities will drop by approximately .3 to .5 percentage points based on the annuitant(s) age(s).

If you are interested in establishing a charitable gift annuity before the lower rates take effect, please contact the Office of Estate and Gift Planning at 888-782-3666 or for a personalized illustration.

The charitable gift annuity (CGA) is a simple and secure way to make a gift to Rutgers and generate lifetime income, and we are happy to illustrate how this gift plan might help you achieve your objectives.


Immediate Payment Annuity
(current rates)
Age Rate
90 9.0%
85 8.0%
80 6.9%
75 5.8%
70 5.1%
65 4.7%
  • Minimum gift: $10,000
  • Rates are for single-life income beneficiaries.
  • Rates for two lives also available.


A charitable gift annuity is a gift in exchange for a contractual obligation from Rutgers University Foundation to make fixed payments to you and/or another beneficiary for life. Rutgers adheres to the American Council on Gift Annuities’ recommended maximum rates.