Published December 1, 2019

A Message from Phoebe A. Haddon, J.D., LL.M.

Chancellor, Rutgers University–Camden

Rutgers University–Camden has experienced immense growth over the last few years. We are witnessing a remarkable moment in the history of our university. Being an active participant in this great community brings me immense pride. Your support for Rutgers–Camden has been instrumental in our progress and upward trajectory. In this report, you will find innovations and scarlet successes that you made possible.

While this report features only a few of the funds our donors support, I hope you will take pride in knowing that no matter where you give, you help transform our students’ lives and our programs. Because of you, our students pursue experiential learning opportunities, such as the Civic Scholars program, in which students develop their leadership skills and gain insight into social issues through service activities. Donor support also enables students to take part in the Learning Abroad program, which gives them an understanding of international cultures.

We have evolved to reflect the diverse career and service interests of our students by weaving civic engagement programs into our academics. We are also pursuing world-class research in every area of our university. Students and faculty alike benefit from these important experiences—experiences that you gave them.

The impact of your gifts, no matter their size, resonates each day throughout Rutgers–Camden and the region. On behalf of the entire university, thank you for making a difference in our community, and thank you for staying forever connected, forever involved, and forever invested.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Emergency Fund

To help students facing unexpected financial difficulties, the Dean’s Emergency Fund awards grants under $1,000 to students who otherwise would be forced to withdraw from school.

Victoria Pagan-Perez CCAS’20 received assistance from the Dean’s Emergency Fund after a family emergency threatened to derail her studies. “Thanks to the assistance I received from the Dean’s Emergency Fund, I was able to remain at Rutgers–Camden and focus on my classes and projects,” Pagan-Perez says. “I’m grateful to the donors that contributed to this fund. I wouldn’t be here without their generosity.”

The Honors College Gift Account

Contributions to the Honors College Gift Account support a variety of programmatic and operating expenses incurred by the college. These include visits to cultural institutions, guest speakers, internship programs, and travel to conferences.

Most recently, the fund has been used to support students in a museum studies seminar, enabling them to visit sites in the Philadelphia area, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Barnes Foundation, Eastern State Penitentiary, the Mütter Museum, and Magic Gardens. The students who took part in these trips were Lily Brady, Anthony Harter, Kaitlyn Jones, Chris Lamb, Alison Lieu, Larry Livshits, Brittany Menschen, Tommy Ngo, Eury Placencia, Marshall Schoch, Neha Sharma, Melanie Veliz, and Lex Winters.

The Rutgers Law School Scholarship Fund

The Rutgers Law School Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to deserving students, such as Brian Lewis RLAW’20. “Receiving a scholarship from the Rutgers Law School Scholarship Fund has helped make things a little easier for me as a law student,” says Lewis. “It’s given me the time to get involved in the Rutgers Intellectual Property Law Association and the Black Law Student Association, and to serve as a university senator for Rutgers Law School. It’s also allowed me to conduct independent research on artificial intelligence and data privacy issues, which are things I am passionate about.”

The School of Business Responsibility Scholarship

The Responsibility Scholarship provides students the resources needed to gain real-world experiences. Scholarships buy back a student’s time so they can leave part- and full-time jobs that are not within their field of study. Students can participate in organizations on campus and take on internships within their fields to obtain necessary experience that will give them a leg up in the job market after they graduate.

The School of Nursing Support Fund

The School of Nursing Support Fund helps students in emergency situations and funds student initiatives, research opportunities, and professional growth.

While Jasmine Nieves SNC’19 was a student at the School of Nursing in 2018, she was unable to pay for a summer course she needed to remain on track to graduate. A grant from the school’s support fund made all the difference.

“This grant impacted me immensely,” Nieves says. “I was working part time while in nursing school with two children to support. Thanks to this help, I was able to complete the nursing course. I am very grateful for the help, and I know that many others in the financial situation I was in would be just as thankful.”