Published December 1, 2021

Thanks to an outpouring of goodwill across the Rutgers community, Giving Tuesday 2021 was a resounding success. 813 scarlet donors contributed $58,090 to help fight student hunger and food insecurity. At Rutgers, collaborating for a higher purpose is truly a way of life.

Giving Tuesday is a global, daylong philanthropic opportunity to support vital causes. This year it brought the Rutgers community together to enhance academic excellence by increasing access to solid meals and good nutrition. The benefits will be tangible and long term, helping talented, hardworking students pursue big dreams.

We should all take immense pride in this achievement. No matter how you chose to participate on Giving Tuesday, thank you for everything you do as a member of Rutgers’ beloved community.

Stop Student Hunger

Food pantries at every Rutgers University location provide hundreds of meals each semester to students in need.