Published July 28, 2020

Rutgers Giving Day 2020 raised a total of $1.94 million, with 5,790 individual donors.

June 17 was the university’s fifth annual Rutgers Giving Day, and its success reminded us that everyone can play a part in brightening the future and transforming lives. Even during these difficult times, donors and friends of Rutgers University came together to inspire one another, share their voice, and make a difference where it matters most right now.

Building on the momentum of previous years, Rutgers Giving Day 2020 raised a total of $1.94 million, with 5,790 individual donors stepping up and making an impact. Of these, 2,771 were Rutgers alumni, and they collectively donated $1.38 million or 71 percent of the total dollar amount. Thanks to energized outreach through social media and the support inspired by ambassadors reaching out to their fellow peers, the opportunity to give extended beyond Rutgers’ vast alumni network to include donors from all walks of life.

To the thousands of alumni, students, staff members, and friends of the university who came forward and made a gift—thank you. You helped Rutgers help the world, and your voice was heard throughout the daylong show of scarlet pride. Because of this incredible display of generosity, Rutgers can empower the next generation of diverse leaders, strengthen a vast array of schools and programs, put COVID-19 research into high gear, and provide crucial assistance to students who might otherwise not be able to attend Rutgers.

The Rutgers community’s commitment to the university during these unprecedented times is inspiring. Thank you for coming together to better our world, when the world needs it most.

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