Published October 14, 2022

President Holloway's First Stakeholder Address Outlines Vision for Rutgers' Future

At his inaugural Stakeholder Address on October 12, Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway shared his vision and the role our global community of alumni and donors play in it.

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President Holloway also articulated the values that underpin and drive his university initiatives:

Academic Excellence: In our relentless pursuit of academic excellence, we remain committed to increasing accessibility for our students, enhancing social mobility, and improving educational equity.

Support academic excellence


Beloved Community: We are building a university culture committed to respect for one another and appreciation for the complexity of all our parts. We believe in enabling active citizenship, recognizing we all have a role in sustaining our democracy, and engaging fully in the growing diversity of our state and country.

Help build a beloved community


Common Good: Our collaborations with local and global partners propel stronger health systems, scholarly research, and outreach programs; address societal challenges; and improve the lives of people in New Jersey and around the world.

Fund life-changing research and its application in our communities