Published June 30, 2020

Donors to Rutgers are exemplary. Many demonstrate a deep sense of loyalty, giving year after year. They know that the university is a driver of positive change and that Rutgers students, researchers, and community leaders are pushing forward every day to better the world.

Making a gift to Rutgers, especially on an annual basis, generates hope where hope is needed most. For that reason, it is important to honor those who have given so generously of their resources. With the close of the fiscal year on June 30, we want to let all Rutgers donors know how meaningful and powerful their philanthropy is.

Even during these difficult times, donors and friends of the university have come together to inspire one another, share their voices, and make a difference—helping students stay focused on their educations, supporting COVID-19 research, and strengthening a wide array of vital Rutgers programs. This spirit of giving will have an impact for years to come.