For general inquiries, please contact Rutgers University Foundation at 848-932-7777 or rufoundation@rutgersfoundation.org

Kimberly Hopely, President, Rutgers University Foundation

Kimberly Hopely

Executive Vice President for Development and Alumni Engagement
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
President, Rutgers University Foundation

Mark Antonucci

Mark Antonucci, Ed.D.

New Brunswick

Senior Vice President, Advancement and Strategy

New Brunswick
Charles Wright, Vice Chancellor for Development, Rutgers—Camden

Charles Wright


Vice President, Development and Alumni Engagement, Rutgers – Camden

Lavinia Boxill

Lavinia Boxill

New Brunswick

Vice President, Development, Rutgers – New Brunswick

New Brunswick
William Green

William Green

Rutgers Health

Vice President, Development, Rutgers Health

Rutgers Health
Varsha Nakum

Varsha Nakum

New Brunswick

Senior Associate Vice President & Chief of Staff

New Brunswick
Irene O’Brien

Irene O’Brien

New Brunswick

Vice President, Central Fundraising and Engagement

New Brunswick
Shawn Tucker

Shawn Tucker

New Brunswick

Vice President, Development, Athletics

New Brunswick
Christopher Zraly

Christopher Zraly

New Brunswick

Chief Financial Officer and Associate Treasurer Finance

New Brunswick
Robin Semple

Robin Semple


Vice President, Development, Rutgers – Newark


Rutgers University Foundation enhances Rutgers’ mission of excellence in education, research, and public service.

The foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, at least 25 percent of which shall be ex officio directors and elected directors who, at the time of their election, also served as members of the Board of Governors or Board of Trustees of Rutgers. Rutgers University Foundation is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation established under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for educational and charitable purposes. Gifts made through the foundation are deductible for federal income, gift, and estate tax purposes to the extent allowed by the law.

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  • Amy L. Towers, Chair
    Gary Chropuvka, Vice Chair
    Lisa Dolly, Vice Chair
    Betsy McNeilly, Vice Chair
    Kimberly A. Hopely, President
    J. Michael Gower, Treasurer
    Christopher P. Zraly, Associate Treasurer
    Duncan L. MacMillan, Secretary
    Mark Antonucci, Assistant Secretary

    • James P. Berg, RC’99, NLAW’03
    • William E. Best, Ex officio
    • Bruce Bingham, RC’68
    • Gary W. Chropuvka, RC’93
    • Alan Crosta, Jr., RC’86, NJMS’90, Ex officio
    • Margaret T. Derrick, NCAS’71
    • John A. DiCiurcio, ENG’79
    • Daniel DiFilippo, NCAS’83
    • Lisa Dolly, DC’88
    • Robert Falzon, RC’81
    • Michael Gower, Ex officio
    • Peggy Guiliano, DC’92
    • Mark P. Hershhorn, RC’71
    • Jonathan Holloway, Ex officio
    • Kimberly A. Hopely, Ex officio
    • Frank Hundley, RC’86
    • Carolynn L. Johnson, RBSG’12
    • Kenneth R. Johnson, ENG’67
    • Richard Kent, RC’72
    • Bruce P. Kerzic, RC’83
    • Tilak Lal, ENG’84
    • Donald Lomurro, RC’73
    • Duncan L. MacMillan, RC’66
    • Michael A. Margolis, PHARM’97
    • Elizabeth J. McNeilly, RC’85
    • Omotayo Okusanya, RC, RBSNB’96
    • Mary Papamarkou, DC’90
    • Mia Christine Park, RC’87
    • Sean M. Pattwell, GSNB’91, GSC’14
    • Reema Puri, COOK’98, GSNB’01
    • Patricia Devitt Risse, PHARM’85, DPRM’93
    • Philip Scalo, RC’75, NLAW’78, Immediate Past Chair
    • John J. Sivolella, RC’87
    • Richard D. Stanzione, RC’67
    • Ann M. Stock
    • Amy Towers, Chair
    • Peter Tverdov, UCNB’09
    • Gloria Vanderham, RC’00, SCILS’00, Ex officio
    • Atiya Aftab, RC’88, NLAW’91
    • Richard A. Alaimo, ENG’56
    • Michael J. Angelides, RC’82
    • Subha Barry
    • Steven B. Boehm, RC’75, NLAW’78
    • Marlene A. Brandt, RC’80
    • Arthur Certosimo, RC’77
    • Charles Chang, GSNB’75
    • Edward Chaplin, RC’78
    • Peter D. Cherasia, ENG’84
    • Kevin J. Collins, NLAW’64
    • Alan M. Crosta, Jr., RC’86, NJMS’90
    • Steven M. Darien, RC’63
    • Louis T. DiFazio, PHARM’59
    • James Dougherty, RC’74, GSNB’75
    • Harriett Druskin
    • Scott Franzblau, LC’79
    • Albert R. Gamper, Jr., UCNWK’66
    • Ronald Garutti, RC’67
    • Ronald W. Giaconia, RC’58
    • Michael N. Goodkind, ENG’65
    • Leslie Goodman, RC’65, RBSG’70, CLAW’80
    • Keiko T. Harvey, ENG’72
    • Carleton A. Holstrom, GSNB’62
    • Gretchen W. Johnson, DC’63
    • Sharon M. Karmazin, DC’67, SCILS’69
    • Allan Maitlin, RC’58
    • Ernest Mario, PHARM’61
    • Kevin D. McGrath, LC’88
    • Thomas McKay III, RC’69
    • Vaughn L. McKoy, LC’90, NLAW’93
    • Joseph Moroney, ENG’94
    • Bruce S. Nicholas, ENG’49
    • Gene O’Hara, UCN’62
    • Brian D. Perkins, RC’76
    • Daniel Reinhardt, RC’91
    • Thomas A. Renyi, RC’67, RBSG’68
    • Gary M. Rodkin, RC’74
    • Philip S. Schein, RC’61
    • Leo B. Schoffer, RC’74
    • Richard H. Shindell, RC’57
    • Steven H. Temares, RC’80
    • Bernice P. Venable, DC’62, GSNB’67, GSED’83
    • Lucas J. Visconti, SEBS’82
    • Thomas Werblin, RC’76
    • Scott E. White, RC’95, RBSG’95

The Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA) Board of Directors is the primary leadership body of the association and has authority over the affairs of the affiliated chartered organizations.

The board serves as advisors to the alumni engagement staff of the Rutgers University Foundation (RUF) to further the values and initiatives of the University and are ambassadors for all alumni university-wide.

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